World Baseball Classic

Bud Selig: I wish to defect

"Bud Selig, I wish to defect"

Does anyone really care about this thing other than people in the DR and Cuba? Bud Selig’s newest attempt at a legacy to wipe away the taint of steroids is a contrived international competition that mostly just interrupts the drawn-out coverage of spring training. The players (particularly the pitchers) from the USA wisely understand that interrupting preparation for the season and getting injured can be VERY expensive when contract time comes.

As a result of this whole thing what you get is good teams from the DR, Cuba and Japan and a decent team from the US competing for no reason while almost everyone is thinking about things that actually matter, like where Manny is going. Don’t people realize that ratings come from the US? All people here want to see is the US teams dominate. We don’t like seeing people play us tight – we want to see lone world super-power style dominance! I guess the only bright side is that this just fools the Cuban government into bringing their players to the US so that they can defect.

If you can’t be America’s favorite pastime, being the Dominican Republic’s is probably second best.


3 Responses to World Baseball Classic

  1. John says:

    Do they drug test at these things?

  2. Andrew says:

    Yea and its stricter than MLB, but not up to Olympic level scrutiny. You have the almighty MLBPA to thank for that!

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