Patrick Ramsey, Sage Rosenfels Both Potential NFL Starters This Year

Re-read that sentence. Suddenly, I agree with Andrew a lot more about the dearth of QB talent and Cassel’s value.

Anyway, if the Broncos trade Cutler to the Vikings, the Vikings will have a terrifying offense. I predict a 10-6 finish, mostly because Brad Childress is not clairvoyant, which is his own gentle way of owning up to his lack of playcalling/clock management ability.

For your viewing pleasure, the defining play of Sage Rosenfels career.

Update: There may be some confusion about the Vikes’ “terrifying offense” with Cutler.  Terrifying because it will a) extend the Brad Childress era, and b) produce a minimum of three turnovers per game.  Who are they expecting Cutler to throw to, Visanthe Shiancoe?


6 Responses to Patrick Ramsey, Sage Rosenfels Both Potential NFL Starters This Year

  1. Adelfio says:

    While I agree that Cutler in the Vikings offense wouldn’t remind anyone of the ’07 Pats, I do think they would be better than you’re giving them credit for. I think anyone would agree that AP along with their theoretically stout O-line is a good starting block. While they don’t have the sweetest receiving corps, if good ol’ Gus’ 57-year-old arm could throw a 99-yard td bomb to Berrian, I have to believe that Cutler’s cannon could open up the offense to a sufficient degree such that defenses would not be able to commit 8 (or 9!) to the box. This would make Peterson even more dangerous and in the NFC north, that combination certainly looks like a playoff-worthy package to me.

    Granted, the team stil may be in trouble if Childress and his clock management genius calls for kneel-downs with 8 left in the fourth quarter…

  2. mike says:

    Yes, the inability to leave 8 in the box will certainly allow AP to run rampant. Assuming, of course, that he is healthy, and that someone starts calling intelligent plays in Minnesota. I don’t think either of those is even particularly likely. I stand by 10-6, and a first round playoff exit. Cutler isn’t ready to assume a mantle of leadership.

    I like that I’m talking about this like it’s happened.

    And lost in all this is how badly the Broncos are going to tank this year.

  3. John says:

    Everyone knows Ramsey is the real deal! Dude never got legitimate shot in the league! Mans got a CANNON!

  4. mike says:

    Ah yes, the esteemed list of ex-Redskin QB’s. Funny how many we’ve got in one conversation … Gus, Sage, and Patty’s futures are all dependent on Cutler.

  5. Jon says:

    This post begs the question: whither Tony Banks?

  6. John says:

    This post and its reminder of failed Redskins QBs makes me a sad Panda…

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