What’s Really Going on with Manny


So Manny Ramirez turned down a 2 year $45 million offer to rejoin the Dodgers, and in this economy it looks like lunacy right? Well it is, but there’s something more important going on and it has to do with the Dodgers’ ownership, Frank and Jamie McCourt. The dispute is over deferred payment because the Dodgers’ offer has half of the money was deferred until after the life of the contract. Scott Boras, the baby eating soul sucking super agent, valued the deferred contract at $42 million present value. So, obviously this will get done because they’re not too far off and there are no other offers. On to the more interesting issue…

The McCourts had to borrow a significant amount of money in order to buy the team, and have always viewed the team as a profit opportunity instead of a hobby, how most sports franchise owners view their teams. Not long ago, they bought a beachfront home in Malibu for $33.5 million. However, now the home is worth an estimated 17.2 million according to zillow.com . Could the McCourt’s be trying to defer money to be able to pay for their outrageous mortgage in hopes that the real estate market and ticket sales in general recover?

Another thought is that they could be looking to keep operating expenses low in general in order to keep cash flow up for a potential sale when the economy recovers. Doesn’t seem entirely implausible. Dodger fans should be unhappy with the first possibility and ecstatic with the second.


2 Responses to What’s Really Going on with Manny

  1. CBux says:

    Boras knows that Manny can only try so hard for a certain amount of the season over the course of a 1-2 year contract, Manny will inevitably hit .350 for about 3/4 of the season and then tank the other 1/4 possible by not trying hard possibly because he feels disrespected and the dodgers don’t deserve his effort. That said, Manny’s following contract after that 1-2 year period would not be great because now he was a “bad character” on two teams and he’s two years older and can only be a DH in the AL taking away a lot of his value – and the red sox would be out of play leaving him few big market teams.
    On another note, Manny has no idea of what money really is except that he has a lot of it. An inside red sox source says that manny used to leave months worth of paychecks sitting at his locker at a time (I’m guessing this was before the direct deposit days) to the point they would come pouring out when he opened his locker. The same source seemed to indicate that he was part of what pissed off arroyo to initiate the trade to cincinatti – something about manny having a little fling with arroyo’s significant other.

  2. Andrew says:

    Well I think they all know this is Manny’s last big deal. But what’s more important is that the Dodgers desperately need him. The young players love him because he keeps it light, which is great compared to Jeff Kent and Brad Penny. His bat is irreplaceable and if he’s happy with his deal, the Dodgers are NL contenders. Deal has to get done and he’ll produce very well for them. Also, don’t forget, the stretch when Manny was tanking in Boston was when he was hitting better than anyone on the team. The Dodgers would take tanking Manny’s production. But there’s no reason to tank without a contract issue and Boras in his ear. (Or maybe I’m just hoping because I’m a Dodger fan)

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